All-New TriTech Fabric

Continuing to Make the Impossible, Possible

January 18, 2019   |  Press Releases

Impossible is a word that does not exist in our vocabulary, proven by our all-new performance fabric, TriTech. Pukka has pushed the boundaries of what is possible by combining the perfect trifecta of performance features; lightweight 4-way stretch for unparalleled comfort, breathable moisture wicking technology and superior UV sun protection. The name and the icon both allude to the three main properties found in TriTech, a revolutionary performance fabric that can maximize your merchandising opportunities. Add TriTech fabric to any Adjustable, Stretch-Fit or Ultra-Fit hat order by the dozen and take advantage of another possibility by adding our all-new Perforated Pattern to the side and back panels, or only the side panels for enhanced airflow and breathability.

“I’m extremely excited for the launch of TriTech. It’s unlike any other fabric in our lineup, seamlessly blending style and function, yet versatile enough to seriously elevate any product regardless of category. It not only fits in, it belongs.” 
Justin Villanueva – Senior Product Designer