New Cuffed, Dredge & Vintage Knit

Jacquard Patterns

Three New Jacquard Patterns for Cuffed Knit

Three New Cuffed Knit Jacquard Patterns

Our jacquard pattern offering for Cuffed Knits expands with the additions of Carson, Bixby and Monterey. The multi-striped design with customizable text highlights the Carson and Bixby jacquard patterns, while the variegated, intricate stripes of the Monterey add the right amount of comfort, warmth and style.


New Jacquard Pattern for Dredge Knit

New Dredge Stripe Pattern

The bold stripe design of our Charter jacquard pattern gives the Dredge Knit a true, classic appearance. Stand out by utilizing two or three Recycled Yarn colors of your choice when customizing your next low minimum order.

Two New Jacquard Patterns for Toboggan Knit

Two New Options For Vintage Knit

Create unique Vintage Knit looks utilizing our pair of new jacquard patterns. Stripes paired with Marled Yarn blocking and customizable text on our Rossmore and Midway jacquard patterns will bring attention to any custom applique affixed to your next cold weather knit.

Cold Weather Knit


Custom Meridian Knits

Perfect in town or on the trail. The Meridian is made using 100% soft cotton yarn, designed with a textured knit stitch and adjustable cuff for exclusive style and comfort.

Pair of Runner Hats featuring Slight Curve Visors

Slight Curve Visor Now Available on Runner Hats

Our sleek and stylish Runner Hat is suitable for any activity at the beach, the mountains, and everywhere in between. This popular sporty silhouette is now available with our trendy Slight Curve Visor option. The unique modest curvature of its square brim gives the Slight Curve Visor the perfect amount of protection from the sun on any Runner.

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New Product

Mid Crown

Custom Mid Crown Adjustable Hats

Say hello to your new favorite hat. The Mid Crown is a modern classic featuring a Mid Profile Crown Shape and an ergonomically shaped Mid Curve Visor. The Mid Crown is engineered to look and feel great, all day, every day.

Mid Crown Adjustable Hat

New Options

Stack of Custom Headwear featuring Metal Buckle Closures

Metal Buckle Closure

Our latest closure option features a nickel metal buckle and grommet that allows the wearer to dial in the fit of their hat thanks to its adjustable fabric strap. Match the fabric strap to the side & back panels of your hat or go with a contrasting look by mixing in a different fabric and/or color. Add our Metal Buckle Closure to any Adjustable 5-Panel, Adjustable 6-Panel, Tradesman or Runner Hat.

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Pair of Custom Hats featuring Recycled Plastic Snap Closures

Recycled Plastic Snap

Our mission of offering more options in the Eco-Friendly product category continues with the addition of a Recycled Plastic Snap. A small detail such as a closure can add up and have an impact on reducing post-consumer plastics such as bottles and textile waste in landfills just like our fabrics. Recycled Plastic Snaps are available in Black, Charcoal, White and Navy and can be interchanged by the dozen on your next low minimum order.

New Visor Option

Flexible Visor

Our Flexible Visor paired with an Unstructured Adjustable Hat or Runner gives you a lightweight and comfortable fitting hat. Constructed with a malleable EVA foam material that allows you to bend the visor into nearly any shape to fit your style and keep the sun out of your eyes. Collapse the visor to stash it in your pocket or bag when unwanted and unfold it when needed again. The addition of a Flexible Visor to your next design makes sure you are equipped with a sleek practical hat whether being active or lounging in the sun.

Pair of Hats with Flexible Visors
Cold Weather Knit


Pair of Trawler Knits



The Trawler is an Eco-Friendly product featuring 100% recycled polyester yarns made from post-consumer plastics, shrinking landfill waste with every order. This extra soft, jersey knit beanie can be worn cuffed for a clean, low-profile fit or uncuffed for a relaxed, slouchy look. Any way you wear it, you’ll love it.

Cold Weather Knit




Beaufort is an elevated take on the iconic sailor-style watch cap. The flat knit crown and signature extra tall ribbed cuff are knit with soft Acrylic or Heather Yarn that will keep you warm all season long and is the perfect topper for every look.

Pair of Beaufort Knits
New Jacquard Patterns

Wren & Gunnel

Custom Vintage Knits featuring the Wren Jacquard Pattern

Wren Jacquard Pattern

With its birdseye jacquard stitch, solid area on the crown and ribbed cuff, the Wren jacquard pattern, available on our popular Vitnage Cuffed Knit, has a vintage feel and the perfect amount of cozy with style.




Wheelhouse Knits featuring Gunnel Jacquard Pattern

Gunnel Jacquard Pattern

Enhance the waffle weave texture of our Waffle Knit with the woven repetitive stripe design of our all-new Gunnel jacquard pattern. Stand out with this 2-color pattern by utilizing any Acrylic or Heather Yarn colors of your choice.

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