Pukka Launches Online Hat Customizer Version 2.0

Pukka Launches Online Hat Customizer Version 2.0

October 01, 2019   |  Press Releases

Create. Add. Share. Pukka has once again upped the ante with the updated release to their online Hat Customization tool version 2.0. The premier headwear customizer in the industry has added additional functionality to increase the overall user experience.

The enhanced User Controls give the user multiple options for zooming, rotating and inspecting every detail of their hat in a 3D environment. New colors and fabrics have been updated to give the user even more options to build their perfect hat. Once the hat has been created, Pukka has added the ability to duplicate, so that at any step in the process, with the click of a mouse, the user can explore additional combinations during the same session. Last but not least, once the user’s session is complete, we have made it easier to show the design to friends and colleagues with a direct option to share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email.

“The impact that the Customizer has had on our business has already been far beyond our expectations” said Andrea Mathias President. “The Hat Customizer continues to add an unmeasurable amount of efficiencies to our company, proving that our investments in technology moving forward will help us stay ahead of the curve”.

For more information on Pukka’s Hat Customizer, or to begin designing a hat of your own visit www.pukkainc.com/hatcustomizer