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Perforated TriTech's Performance


Lightweight 4-Way Stretch

TriTech's unique lightweight 4-way stretch and rebound allows for unparalleled comfort when used on any headwear silhouette.

Moisture Wicking Technology

TriTech's breathable moisture wicking technology makes it the ideal fabric to stay cool while teeing off, in the batter's box or at the beach.

Superior UV Sun Protection

TriTech is specifically designed with superior ultraviolet (UV) sun protection to help protect your skin from the sun.

Enchanced Breathability & Cooling

Perforated TriTech's uniformed middle-sized perforated dot pattern adds unmatched breathability and cooling while in the elements.

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A group of baseball hats with Perforated TriTech

Perforated TriTech

Perforated TriTech is founded on a trifecta of performance features; lightweight, moisture wicking and SPF 30 sun protection, and with ventilating perforations adds superior breathability and cooling to the mix. A uniformed middle-size perforated dot pattern highlights our latest performance fabric and is available in 22 solid and heathered color options.

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Perforated TriTech

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