Pukka Launches Online Hat Customizer

Pukka Launches Online Hat Customizer

May 07, 2019   |  Press Releases

Pukka has once again raised the bar with the release of their online Hat Customization tool. Anyone can now create their own Adjustable, Stretch-Fit or Ultra-Fit Hat with the premier headwear customizer in the industry. Follow eight simple steps and you are on your way to billions of design possibilities.

With the launch of Pukka’s Hat Customizer they have given ability to design a custom hat from scratch to everyone. The 3D modeling allows the viewer to rotate their creation 360 degrees and see every single stitch. You can choose from limitless combinations of fabrics and colors, upload a logo or use the text tool to add a personal touch to your hat. The responsive web design also gives the user a flawless experience across any platform or device.

“From concept to execution the Hat Customizer has well exceeded our expectations, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.” said Shawn Rogers CEO. “While we continue to evolve our business, the Hat Customizer has added an unmeasurable amount of efficiencies as well as fun! Real time interaction, allowing anyone with internet access the ability to design their own hat, that’s just amazing”.

For more information on Pukka’s Hat Customizer, or to begin designing a hat of your own visit https://pukkainc.com/hatcustomizer